Living in Waldport — April

Sandbar with Harbor Seals viewed from Alsea Bay bridge.
Alsea Bay Overlook

April arrived windy, chilly and beautiful as the coast always is. The mornings start calm but sometime around 11:00 AM the wind picks up and blows until mid afternoon. Not little winds, but big gusting winds that can take your breath away. The windy days are typical for springtime and I usually schedule my walks for either before or after the heaviest wind of the day. A spot that is within walking distance for me is a little visited park overlooking the Alsea Bay.

Remnants of old Alsea Bay bridge.

You can reach the overlook by taking the southbound exit right before the bridge entrance. It is the same exit as the one to take for the KOA campsite. The overlook has remnants of the old Alsea Bay bridge, which was built in 1936. The Library of Congress has some great old pictures of the original bridge. If you are interested you can view the original bridge photos here. The current bridge was completed in 1991.

Alsea Bay bridge view from overlook.

The views from the overlook are stunning. The bridge is visible, as is the town of Waldport and the trees and hills beyond. It was low tide during my visit and the sandbars that are hidden during high tide were clear. During the lowest tides of the summer, it almost looks like it is possible to walk across the bay in places, but it is not. The channels that run between the sandbars are deep.

View of Bayshore through spring trees.

The trees are just beginning to bud and bloom, and the coast is green almost everywhere I look. In another month it will be more difficult to see Bayshore through the trees. The wind rustles the new branches and small birds flit back and forth among the branches, landing on the ground, and taking off again. It is quiet here, with only a few other people enjoying the view. Because it is seldom crowded it is one of my favorite spots to visit.

Pedestrian/bike lane Alsea Bay bridge.

For those days when a longer walk is desired the bridge has a lane for pedestrians and bicyclists. The view from the center of the bridge is breathtaking. In the spring and summer the bridge is the best place to spot the colony of Harbor Seals that live in the bay. They have their pups on a sandbar on the east side of the bridge. They also like the tip of Bayshore in the summer. So much pleasure, just from a bridge. That’s life in Waldport.