Living in Waldport — August 2021

Fresh Flowers

August is full of sunny days this year. Cool breezes and wispy clouds against the bluest skies  are welcome as summer drifts towards fall. Early on a Saturday morning is the perfect time to visit the Newport Farmers’ Market. The traffic on 101 slows as it reaches the market to allow pedestrians with their bags and baskets of fruits, vegetables and flowers to cross. All the beautiful colors of the market are an invitation to come in and do a little shopping.

Newport Farmers’ Market


Winding my way through the stalls selling everything, from local honey and art, to organic dog treats, I make my way to my favorite fruit and vegetable stall, run by Gathering Together Farms. It is melon season and along with greens and root veggie purchases I pick up one of their yellow watermelons.

Gathering Together Produce

From other vendors I pick up a fresh cup of coffee and a bakery scone — a midmorning snack, as the fresh air has made me hungry. I take my prizes with me and head south to the Yaquina Bay State Recreation Site, home of the Yaquina Bay Lighthouse. It is a little windier at the park, and a little cooler, but still a glorious day to be outside. From the observation area I watch the boats come and go along the jetty.

Looking toward South Beach.

The park also offers one of the best views of the Yaquina Bay Bridge. Maybe the best! The foothills in the distance are a reminder that just east of the little town is miles of forest.

Yaquina Bay Bridge

It is too early in the morning for the lighthouse to be open to the public, but a little later in the day it will be. It is well worth the visit when in town. To learn more about the lighthouse you can visit Yaquina Bay Lighthouse.

Yaquina Bay Lighthouse

No matter where you live on the Central Oregon Coast, a sunny Saturday in Newport is well worth the visit!