Living in Waldport — January 2021

New office assistant tests the coffee.

My husband and I moved to Waldport seven years ago. For the most part, Waldport is a sleepy little beach town, a family town with a few restaurants and shops. Coming from the San Francisco Bay Area the area seemed both familiar, in the sense of being near the ocean, and completely unfamiliar, in the wildness and raw beauty. Waldport is on the edge of the sea with miles of forest stretching to the east. Clients calling from other states always ask me “what’s it like to live there?”

Alsea Bridge in January

January is a month of king tides and wild winds. With the holidays over, and spring still distant, the winter weather takes on big proportions. Driving rain and wind gusts, sometimes upwards of 60 miles per hour, do not encourage a lot of outdoor activity. While it is awe inspiring to see the incredibly large ocean waves that can appear with the king tides, it is wise to keep a safe distance, and keep off of the beach when a high wave warning is issued. January is a wonderful month for snuggling up with a favorite cat, a good book and making nice hot soups.

Deccy and Omar.
Spicy Minestrone with Mushrooms and Kale.

However, walking after the storms settle can be wonderful. The storms spin logs downriver, rolling them into the Alsea Bay, tossing them on beaches, and sending them out to sea. When the water stills it can look like a fleet of small boats is making its way through the water. Add some fog and the scene becomes even more dramatic. The floating debris makes its way into the canal that flows through Bayshore Estates and this year knocked loose a small dock, now gone to sea.

Mouth of Bayshore Canal looking toward Alsea Bay

Walking further after the storm one might see how the wind picks up and moves sand from the beach into nearby streets. In the summer, the streets are clear, but in the winter the storms blow sand around the houses, sometimes piling like snowdrifts. It is really only the streets quite near the ocean that have heavy sand buildup but everyone gets at least a little.

Oceania Drive after the storm.

Although there is still Real Estate work to do in the winter, and I spend my days helping people to buy and sell homes and property, January is a peaceful month with time for reflection and time to appreciate the drama and the beauty of the nature that surrounds those of us who live here.