Living in Waldport — June 2021

Cobra Lilies on the Oregon Coast

Here we are at the beginning of summer! June can be breezy and chilly but the rain eases up and the sun makes more frequent appearances. The gentler weather makes for terrific day trips. Summer is a wonderful time to explore up and down the coast.

Cobra Lilies in Darlingtonia State Park

South, in the Florence area, are the wonderful Darlingtonia Botanical Gardens, home of the carnivorous Cobra Lily plants. They bloom in May and June and are well worth seeing.  The park has a boardwalk pathway that travels through the blooms, giving the opportunity for closeup looks at the plants. To find out more about this fascinating spot you can visit the website for Darlingtonia State Park.

Lush vegetation in Darlingtonia State Park

The Cobra Lilies are not all there is to see at the park. The area is beautifully forested and rich with native plant life. Sunlight filters through the tree tops, tinting the air a soft green. Birds and insects flit about this calm and beautiful spot.

Sun filtering through the treetops in Darlingtonia State Park.

Moving north from Florence, the coastal town of Yachats celebrates the summer solstice by having a festival. This year at the Yachats Commons a number of musical groups played to residents and guests alike, celebrating the changing of the seasons with music, food and friendship. After a year of no socializing it was wonderful to see people dancing and visiting and enjoying themselves.

Weird Science Playing at the Yachats Summer Solstice Festival.

Those of us fortunate to live here, or visit, the Oregon Coast love to come out to play when the weather changes. Bountiful nature and local entertainment make for lots of summer fun.