Living in Waldport — March

Mickey ready for a car ride.

That saying about March coming in like a lion and going out like a lamb certainly applies to Waldport this year. There are still plenty of rainy and windy storms, but they do not have quite the fierceness about them that the storms in the heart of winter do.  Finally, winter is easing into days of weak sunshine and chilly winds. After too many days spent indoors, Ronnie and I pack the dog, Mickey, into the car and brave late winter and go out looking for signs of spring.

Waldport Lake
Dock for boating and fishing.


Mostly when people think about the Oregon Coast they think about, well, the coast –the ocean and its beaches. The ocean and beaches are wonderful but the coast has so much more to offer. A short drive east on Highway 32 in Waldport takes one along the beautiful Alsea Bay and River. Small lakes dot the area, giving people access to fishing and boating, and just enjoying the peaceful surroundings.

Alsea River from Highway 32.

The Alsea River is wide and mighty as it heads toward town, where it broadens out and flows into the bay. The Port of Alsea is quiet today. The port is in the process of being dredged to allow better and safer boating so the usual fleet of small boats are not present. With no boats docked and few tourists this early in the year the town is even sleepier than usual. The wind coming off of the water is bracing, the nature all around us is vast, and we get a strong sense of how the little town is perched right on the edge of so much nature.

Empty docks in town of Waldport.
Quiet Waldport in the off season.

Such a wonderful day had to include a trip to the beach. Driftwood Beach, just a few miles north of town, is aptly named. It is a wide, wind scoured stretch where driftwood collects in large quantities. Today we saw a log that looked like a sea monster with its mouth open, ready to gobble up some smaller creature.

Driftwood Sea Monster

Driftwood Beach is a popular spot for picnicking and beach combing but is so vast that it never really feels crowded. Today we had the beach almost to ourselves. Hiking through the beach grass we observed the clouds gathering above the horizon, letting us know that we could expect more rain in days to come, but we know spring will be here soon.

Clouds gathering over Driftwood Beach, Waldport.