Living in Waldport — May 2021

Bayshore Beach Stone on Sand

And suddenly it is really, truly, beautifully spring. Instead of dodging raindrops and leaning into the wind on my walks I am looking to the sky and soaking up the sun. We still get a little rain and wind here and there but the overall trend is toward a gentle warmth to the days. And, like me, others are venturing out.

Kayaker on Alsea Bay.

The Alsea Bay is smooth as glass and reflects the deep blue of the sky, tempting a kayaker out to explore.

Seagulls Sunning on Alsea Bay Beach

The resident sea gulls enjoy the warmth of the rocks on the bay beach in Bayshore. They sun themselves and dig around for small crabs and other snacks.

Bayshore Canal in Low Tide

The canal, so often frothy and turbulent during the winter months, becomes still enough to reflect the houses that line its banks. Small sand bars appear, which often attract long legged Blue Herons, but not today.

Flowers in the sand dunes.

Tiny, colorful flowers begin to bloom in the beach grass and on the dunes. They are delicate and pretty, and do not last very long. Everything is blooming and the bees are buzzing around the neighborhood.

Dog tracks on the Bayshore Beach


Even the beach is warm today. The ocean, which during storms can crash and pound and sound like a jet airplane, is quietly murmuring instead, small waves gently moving the sand. It is later in the day so only a few families are on the beach. Mostly I have it to myself.

Ocean Facing Homes in Bayshore

Turning toward home, I admire the ocean facing homes, all lined up and ready for the coming season. I think about all of the enjoyment that people experience when they come to visit the beach, or move to the beach. While many homes here are second homes, there are more and more year ’rounders, like my husband and me, who enjoy the seasonal changes of the Oregon Coast.