Living in Waldport — November & December 2021

Happy December!

Along with preparations for Thanksgiving, November brought an atmospheric river, which dumped inches of water, caused flooding concerns and wreaked havoc with roads, power lines and internet service. We are used to storms here on the coast. After all, we live next to the largest ocean on earth — weather is to be expected. Eventually, every storm passes, leaving beaches strewn with driftwood and returning seabirds to circle the skies.

Bayshore Bay Beach post storm.

On Thanksgiving day we got a very wild visitor.  A young bobcat made a bold appearance in the neighborhood. My neighbor managed to take a photo, shown below. The bobcat only stayed for two days before moving on, but all of us who saw him (or her, maybe) felt that it was a very special experience. We all agreed, though, that the bobcat would be better off back in the forest than in a settled neighborhood, and I imagine that’s where he headed.

Bobcat visiting Bayshore. Waldport, OR

As a rainy November eased into a rainy December, I, like so many, prepared for the holidays. Cards and presents were mailed off and cookies baked for friends and family. While gatherings are still small this year, at least they are possible. I love sending holiday cards to clients I have worked with. It is a joyful thing to wish homeowners the best of holidays in houses I helped them to find.

Holiday Goodies

Holiday shopping is lots of fun in the Nye Beach District in Newport. There are several specialty shops offering fun gifts, seasonal treats and  lovely artwork. As a bonus, you can see the ocean right from the shopping area. Some of Newport’s most popular eateries are in Nye Beach. As a personal favorite, Nana’s Irish Pub is a great place to warm up with an Irish Coffee after an afternoon of shopping.

Nye Beach Shops

South of the shops is Don Davis State Park. The park offers expansive ocean views all the way to the Yaquina Head Lighthouse. There is also a path down from the cliff to the beach. While a mild trek in the summer months, the path can be treacherous in winter rain and winds. What a beautiful spot to watch the clouds gather for the next winter storm.

View from Don Davis State Park