Living in Waldport — October 2021

California Sea Lion

The rains have started. Heavy, drenching rains combined with winds that knock down trees and topple power lines, some days. Fine, misty rains that are like walking through clouds, others. The tourists are fewer and many of the shops open late and close early on weekdays. Those of us who live here year round suddenly have the opportunity to enjoy the attractions, and no trouble parking.

Bayfront Fishery and Sea Lions

California Sea Lions visit the Newport Bayfront, their barks echoing through the foggy air and adding to the local atmosphere. The day I visit there are only a few other people watching the sea lions diving in the water and resting on the platforms. The sea lions leave Oregon in the summer, heading back to California for mating season, but in the winter their bark is as present as the salt in the sea air.

Sea Lions at play and rest.

Walking north on the Bayfront I come to wooden promenade and the fishing fleet. On sunny days the benches along the walkway bustle with tourists and people walking dogs. Today I only see one other visitor. Some of the boats sell fresh fish right from their decks, another popular option for locals and tourists, alike.

Fishing Boats at the Bayfront

Heading back to the car I stop to admire one of the old murals on the side of the fishery. The murals add atmosphere and color to the Bayfront walls. To view all of the murals click here.

Bayfront Mural

What a perfect walk in between rainstorms on a quiet October day.