Living in Waldport — September 2021

Wind socks on display.

September is all about chilly mornings and warm afternoons, with a rain shower here and there for fun. My day took me north, to Depoe Bay. Depoe Bay is a fantastic place for wave and whale watching. As the season changes, the sea becomes darker and more turbulent, and Depoe Bay is an excellent spot to view its majesty.

Depoe Bay looking north.

While there were no visible whales today, plenty of people were out, hoping to experience a big wave splashing the sea wall. When a big wave hits it can reach beyond the wall and into the first two lanes of traffic. During a storm producing waves that large it is wise to watch from a safe distance. Like across the street.

Depoe Bay seawall.

The little town has other attractions, such as the Depoe Bay Whale Watching Center, which is currently closed but hopefully will reopen when safe to do so. Shops and restaurants line the east side of the main street, offering a wide variety tourist fare in the form of fish and chips, pizza, ice cream and caramel corn. And, of course, T-shirts, kites, and plenty of local kitsch.

Main shopping area, Depoe Bay.

Next time you are driving the coast be sure to drop by and spend an afternoon, or longer, in this fun tourist spot. And don’t forget to watch for the whales and the waves!