Visit Seal Rock OR

Located along the central Oregon Coast, between Newport and Waldport, is a little town called Seal Rock. Seal Rock State Park  is known for the huge and wonderful rock formations and tide pools rich with sea life. Colorful sea anemones and starfish share pools with tiny crabs and fish. Coastal birds build nests and raise their young on the high rocks. The park is a beautiful place to visit and a frequent destination of marine biology students and photographers.

Seal Rock State Park from viewing platform.

Drawn by the natural beauty of the area, people have built homes with views. The homes on the west side of Highway 101 in Seal Rock offer some of the most dramatic ocean views in the area. Homes on the east side, particularly those further uphill, enjoy the beauty of the ocean and the forest. Some east side homes have panoramic views of the area.

Seal Rock town sign.

The central area of the town supports several businesses frequented by locals and tourists. One can shop for wood carvings, blown glass, and other artwork. Seaside snacks of ice cream, home made fudge and baked goods are available as well. Take some time to wander around the shops and maybe pick up a tamale or a wrap for lunch. The proprietors are friendly and welcoming.

View of Seal Rock State Park.

Seal Rock is also home to one of my favorite coffee spots along the coast. Stop in for a coffee and a pastry and then head over to the park to walk the trails and explore the tide pools. Be sure to bring a tide table so you know the best time to go.

Seal Rock Bakery.