Working from Home

Mickey and Omar take an afternoon nap.

Like many people, I am working primarily from home these days. I am learning to adjust to the current situation and how to best help my clients. Although I really miss the face to face interaction with home buyers and sellers I understand that minimizing exposure reduces the risk for all of us. In situations where showing up in person is required I make sure to bring my mask and hand sanitizer and to follow the best practices for social distancing. If you are looking to buy or sell a home we can talk about the different ways to make it the safest experience possible for all involved.

Tomato Plants on the Window Sill

Home. I think about that word a lot. Home is more than a house. All houses have roofs and walls and a floor plan. Some are old and some are new. Some have innate character while others are waiting for the people who live there to give them character. It is always fascinating for me when I am with a home buyer to watch them size up a place and decide what might go where and how the space could work for them. Deciding that a place qualifies to be called home is such a personal process. While there are many practical aspects, it always comes down to whether people can see themselves living in the space.

Pear Almond Cake

As I am spending much more time in my own home right now I have had the opportunity to think about what the word means to me. I look around and see the photographs of my family, my dog’s fuzzy old bed near the window and my tomato plant seedlings growing strong on the windowsill. I think about how much I love being in my kitchen — cooking time is playtime! I am so grateful to have a house that is truly a home during these times. I enjoy helping others find a place to call home — let me know if I can help you.