Olalla Reservoir 360-Degree Panorama June 3, 2017

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120-acre Olalla Reservoir (also known as Olalla Creek Reservoir) is one of the most popular rainbow trout fishing places along the Central Oregon Coast for several good reasons:

  • It is heavily stocked with trout several times each year by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW). See the ODFW Trout Stocking Schedule for current details.
  • It is one of the waterbodies designated by ODFW as a “Trophy Trout lake” where thousands of extra-large “bred-to-fight” rainbow trout are released (ODFW considers trout that are 15-inches or more in length to be “trophy-trout”).
  • It has areas that are deep enough for trout to be able to survive summer heat and grow larger year-after-year until caught.
  • It is a great place to teach children how to fish, because the southern bank near the dam slopes gradually into the water, making it much safer for children than the steep banks of many other locations. That area also is clear of trees and bushes making it a good place for beginners of any age to learn to cast.
  • Furthermore, several months of the year there is a high-probability of catching fish (often even a daily bag limit) from that easy-to-fish area, and as every fisherman knows, there is nothing like success to get someone hooked on fishing.
  • However, don’t think of Olalla Reservoir is only a place for beginners, because there are big trout out in deeper water waiting to be caught by experienced fisherman.
Photo of the Olalla Reservoir Fishing Area near the Dam
Olalla Reservoir Fishing Area near the Dam

Olalla Reservoir isn’t on ODFW’s list of sites for anglers with disabilities, but as you can see from the photo above, access is easy enough to make it usable by people with some kinds of disabilities, especially with a little fishing-buddy assistance.

If you need wheelchair access, Ekman Lake 2.6-miles east of Waldport is stocked with rainbow trout and has a wheelchair-accessible fishing dock. See the Oregon Angler with Disabilities Site Map for many additional alternatives.

If you want to try another rainbow trout fishing location and don’t need wheelchair access, Big Creek Reservoir Number 2 is 26-minutes from Olalla and is a great place to fish for rainbow trout between mid-April and the end of June.

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