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Depoe Bay Whale Breach September 2016

Photo of Spouting Horn State Park, Depoe Bay, Oregon
Spouting Horn State Park, Depoe Bay, Oregon

There are so many impressive things to see along the Oregon Coast that tourists driving along long sections find it difficult to remember them all or keep track of where those they can remember are located.  However, Depoe Bay is a special place that almost everyone remembers.

It is located about half-way between Newport and Lincoln City and is one of the few places in the world where a major highway runs so close to an ocean that spouts of sea water sometimes soak passing cars. That happens at Depoe Bay, not only because the highway is very close to the ocean, but also because fissures in rocks below squeeze waves into giant water spouts that extend high into the air.

Photo of a Depot Bay Spouting Horn
A spouting horn at Depoe Bay

However, that is only one of several things that make Depoe Bay so memorable.  It is an ideal place to watch whales blow, dive, spyhop and breach as thousands of gray whales migrate past on their way to and from the waters of Alaska and Mexico. Many other species including humpback whales, orcas, dolphins, porpoise and even blue whales are also sometimes spotted. Whale watching is so popular that the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department has staff at a Whale Watching Center to answer questions and help visitors spot whales.

That isn’t all. Depoe Bay has the world’s smallest navigable harbor (6 acres and with the same name as the city), deep sea fishing charter boats, sandstone caves, Depoe View Park that is somewhat of a secret, wine tasting in a “cave,” shopping, and restaurants; but there is even more that most tourists don’t see, because it can’t be seen from public streets.

The photo above was taken 200-feet over the ocean looking northeast from a point southwest of town. The photo below was taken looking in the same direction from 400-feet over the ocean and further back (southwest).

Photo with Larger View of Depoe Bay in DecemberThis next photo was taken from the same geographic location as the one above after descending to 200 feet and rotating 180 degrees to look southwest.

Photo of Depoe Bay Southern Coast in December

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