Above and Beyond

Faulty light fixture

Selling real estate on the Oregon coast requires that you go above and beyond the normal duties of a real estate broker.  That was the case when  outdoor lights didn’t turn on and off properly when the out of State owner came for a short visit.  Since they were not staying long enough to meet with an electrician they asked me to find someone and handle it for them.

I contacted an electrician and let him in.  It took a couple hours to discover the problem.  When I went back the electrician said there was a light fixture that didn’t work and he offered to show me why.  I took this brief video so I could show the homeowner what the problem was and even I was surprised.

The owner asked me to select and order two new outdoor light fixtures for the front of the house, and when the lights arrived I opened up the house for the electrician to install the new ones. It was kind of fun searching for  fixtures as their personal shopper.  In a metropolitan area where homeowners live in their house this kind of extra service isn’t required, but on the coast this and many other tasks are and takes selling real estate to a new level of service.