ABR Designation™

ABR™ designation

When you look as brokers business cards have you ever wondered what the initials by their name stands for?  For example I have ABR after my name.  That stands for Accredited Buyer Representative.  Only brokers and agents who have completed specialized training in understanding a buyer’s perspective and how to protect and promote their buyer’s interest.  By earning the ABR™ designation brokers must also demonstrate proven experience in representing buyers.  They must also stay current on new housing industry issues and trends.

Here is how I work with buyers.

  • Discuss and understand specific needs and wants in order to locate properties for them  to evaluate.
  • Assist and guide buyers to in determining how much they can afford by providing them with information about lenders who offer a variety of loan programs.
  • Advise and help formulating an offer by preparing  a market analysis of comparable homes in the area that have sold.
  • Provide a list of qualified and licensed vendors for home inspections, geological engineers & sometime structural engineers.
  • Negotiate the best price.
  • Then the real important part of my job representing a buyer is keeping track of every detail throughout the buying process until closing and beyond.