Broker Open House – Tour Day

French Toast

The Lincoln County Board of Realtors hold “Broker Open Houses” on a rotating basis on designated days. That is where the listing broker can feature their listing on “Tour”. Arrangements are made with the seller to have brokers stop by between 9 – Noon to see the house. Martek Real Estate really embraces attending broker tours.  I like to find creative ways to encourage (AKA bribe) other offices  to attend. Sonja and Steve Lovas are known for making a great breakfast, holding a drawing for a gift certificate to a local restaurant and/or  a drawing for a gas card for the brokers that attend our open houses.  French Toast has become a signature dish for me and my Fruit Pizza was a bit hit on broker tour!

Fruit Pizza for Broker Tour
Fruit Pizza for Broker Tour

The reason it is important to have brokers attend the Open House on tour day is because it gets them into houses they may not see unless they specifically are showing a buyer looking in that price range.  However, once inside the house on tour days, they often notice things they may have missed if only looking at photos. As they grab a bite to eat and stay to visit a little while, they become more comfortable in the house. When  a buyer comes their direction, having seen the house, they will remember it and are able to show and sell it.

In addition to hosting my listings on Broker Open House tours,  I also attend Broker Open House tours so that I am familiar with the market, what’s new, what’s available.  I also keep track of the houses that sell and/or go pending and close as well.   It’s also fun while on tour or when I get back to the office to discuss with other brokers and debate what the actual price a home will end up selling for.  Sometimes I’m surprised, but usually not far off, because pricing homes is not a guessing game, you have to know the market.