Broker Tour Review

Broker Open House

Real Estate brokers in Lincoln County have broker open house tours on a rotating basis.  The northern end of the county rotate by areas on Tuesday and the Southern area of the county rotates areas on Wednesday.  I generally only attend the Wednesday tours.  One week it is south which includes homes from Seal Rock to Yachats. Tthe next week is central for homes in  Newport/South Beach, and then east is  Toledo, Siletz, and Eddyville.

This week July 6, 2016 we went south.  There were only four houses on tour, some weeks there are fifteen.   My favorite house this week was located in Sandpiper Village in Waldport.  The house was very well maintained and featured an open floor plan with a nice great room off the kitchen area.  I also liked that the  Master Bedroom was at one end and the other two bedrooms were at the other end of the house.  It was a perfect beach house with a peak of the ocean and decorated very “beachie”.  It was priced at $399,000 which I thought was a little high for a nice house without a terrific ocean view.

Another property I liked was very inexpensive, only $145,000 and was a manufactured home.  The best part of that property was the yard.  There were numerous fruit trees, flowering shrubs, a nice water feature and garden area.

I don’t always have a client for the houses I go to see, but when I meet someone new, I’m able to match a client with a house having already previewed it.  Knowing the inventory in all the various areas is key to understanding real estate pricing and trends.