King Tides – Buoy Rescue

The King Tides on the Oregon Coast occur several times during the winters.  During the last King Tide in January I was at Nye Beach and saw a research buoy in the parking lot on […]


Strap Your Water Heater

Seismic Strapping on Water Heaters is a BIG issue for appraisers, home inspectors and lenders. When I meet with sellers about listing their home I always ask to see the hot water heater.  I find […]


Happy Home Seller!

Most Recent Happy Home Seller It was a long and difficult process and  several obstacles to overcome selling her manufactured home that needed some repairs.  Not all lenders will loan on a manufactured home, but […]


Realtors Tool Box – Bolt Cutters?

Realtors always run into interesting dilemmas, this was at a home inspection.  The house being inspected was set up as a vacation rental and the vacation rental company and the owners had locked up personal […]


Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms In Oregon

IT’S THE LAW!  In Oregon a person may not convey fee title to any real property that includes a dwelling unit or lodging house, or transfer possession of any dwelling unit or lodging house pursuant […]


Septic Tank Repair

Septic Tank Repair In the State of Oregon, you cannot sell a house without a functioning septic. If it’s not then it has to be repaired or replaced and disclosed. When a septic tank fails, […]


Newport Oregon Marathon 2016

Newport hosts an annual marathon that is well attended by runners throughout the area. It is well known for being a great 1st marathon because it has gentle hills, the climate is usually cool and […]


Seller’s Property Disclosures.

Instructions on the Seller’s Property Disclosures state that “each seller of residential property described in ORS 105.465 must deliver this form to each buyer who makes a written offer to purchase.  Under 5 ORS 105.475 […]