Coastal Flowers In November!

Edible Calendula Flower growing in November

It’s a well-kept secret that it doesn’t rain every day all winter. My friends call it crowd control.  While October of 2016 was one of the wettest months on record, there are days when the sun shines and it’s beautiful!  We had several of them last week and today was another partly sunny partly cloudy day.

I had a few hours to spend in the garden so I transplanted some German Thyme that will be big, beautiful and bushy by spring, I dead headed some perennials, watered the broccoli and lettuce growing in my cloche, and prepared 2 trays with potting soil for my micro greens to grow indoors.

My five varieties of kale are still growing, the swiss chard is big and beautiful, spinach, radishes and my newly planted beets are coming along as well.  One of the things I really love about Life On The Oregon Coast is  gardening year round.  December through February will be a little challenging, (I’ll still have my kale)  but that’s when I focus my gardening energy into designing my garden for the next season and pour through seed catalogs to see the new varieties and order seeds for the garden.

While I was working in the garden today (11/6/16), these beautiful flowers from the summer were still blooming.

Flowers in my Garden