Coastal Living in the Trees

Surrounded yourself with trees.

Most people think of Coastal living as, hear the ocean, see the ocean, and smell the ocean.  While all those are wonderful to experience, sometimes the wind, salt and sand that come with it are a little more than some people want on a daily basis.  Just outside of Newport Oregon is another nice town, Toledo. There is a wide selection of housing options in Toledo from site built, manufactured homes and mini-farms.  There down town city dwellers where the homes are close together and near the mill, and then there are those homes on the West side of Highway 20 and a little farther out of town that are in the woods with acreage, and privacy.

Once you get off the beaten path you will find homes with beautiful forest views and valley vistas.  You will have gold finches and humming birds visit you all day long and the only sounds you will hear will be that of nature.  What people who live in the woods love about it is that they are out of the fog zone, salty rain, and the summer temperatures are about 10 – 20 degrees warmer than the neighboring town of Newport.  They also do not experience the summer winds yet are 5 minutes from Newport.

When considering coastal living, don’t forget to look at homes in Toledo.