Coastal Weather Dangers – Fierce but beautiful!

Sea Foam

As I listen to the evening news, I hear of tornadoes, heavy snow fall, wild fires, and flooding.  While living on the Oregon Cost doesn’t always make the National News due to our weather but we still encounter our times of severe weather.

High winds, and rain combined with high tides create a unique  situation for the Oregon Coast.

While driving back from an appointment in Waldport, I saw a large rock in Seal Rock Oregon covered that was white.  I initially thought it was from blowing sand because it was windy so decided to stop and check it out.  

As I got out of my car I saw floating orbs of white foam in the air and on the ground and it was sea foam.  I walked out to the “look out” points and discovered the rock of WHITE was actually covered with sea foam that was blown on the rocks by the wind.  What an amazing view!  The parking lot was full with other curiosity seekers and the views did not disappoint.  

This is what I was able to experience, the event was amazing, and another reason I love living on the Oregon Coast.

Sea Foam in Seal Rock