Color Me Sold

Proper color choices can add value to your home.

Ouch, ouch, ouch! That’s what my client said after seeing a house with three bedrooms painted brilliant colors of the rainbow.  Then it was on to the next house, and the comment was, “this house seems a little drab don’t you think?”  It was because they didn’t have any color on the walls, or a decorating theme.

What many sellers don’t understand is buyers are not just looking for “location, location, location,” but they also want freshly painted and clean, clean, clean!  The first step of achieving that is through paint.  Color creates an emotional response so if you place your home on the market without taking that into consideration it will cost money in many ways.  Paint covers a multitude of sins and let’s face it, if you don’t want to wash or paint away your dirty fingerprints and scratches, odds are the buyer won’t either. So consider giving your home a fresh new character with the use of paint and color.

There are lots of tools and techniques available for homeowners to tap into if you’d like to do it yourself.  Start watching HGTV for ideas and pick up some decorating magazines and don’t forget to check out Pinterest!  An interior decorator can help you pull it all together or at the very least go to your local hardware or paint store and talk to someone who can help you select a theme using trending colors.  Paint stores now have “pallet” brochures where all the paint colors in that color scheme work well and blend together.  All you need to do is pick a theme, and then stay in that color pallet for the different walls and rooms your colors will all go well together.

Paint stores sell small pouches or bottles that you purchase and test the color on your walls before buying the whole gallon, since lighting in the room effects the way a color will look.  You should keep it simple, soft, and flowing.  If you have gone crazy with color, it’s time to tone it down before putting your house on the market.  After showing 4 similar houses that were on the final short list to purchase, the one my client liked the best was the house that was clean and freshly painted.  They commented, “they’re all about the same but this one just feels cheery.”

Paint colors can add or subtract value from your home.  For more advice on how to sell your home contact me at the top of this post.