Crab City

Fresh Crab for Dinner

As I woke up early this morning and looked out at the ocean there were City lights on the Ocean, I call it Crab City. It’s commercial crabbing season and the lights on crabbing boats dot the horizon up and down the coast creating a new City.

Crabbing season can start as early as December 1st, for the past several years it has been delayed. The opening date is determined by the fishing managers in Oregon, Washington, and California and regulated by Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. The date is determined by testing for size and density of the crab to avoid waste and provide a better quality for the consumer.

As I spoke with friends and owners of crab boats in the Newport and it was apparent that the late season opening would  put a damper on the dinner tables. Finding fresh crab right before crabbing season is a challenge and the prices are a little steep but once the boats start coming to shore the stores are loaded with fresh crab.

Here’s hoping for a great crabbing season on the Oregon Coast!