Empty Shell Renovated

Empty Shells

In a previous post Bitter Sweet I told you about the process of selling an empty shell of a house.  In 2016, the house located at 900 S US-101 in Depoe Bay was purchased by a family who had the vision on how to make an empty shell a beautiful home.  The house is perfect for two- family living  and  large enough to provide enough space for everyone. This arrangement was perfect for them at the time with their aging father.  Through the years, I watched the progress of construction and design elements come together and the house is stunning.  It truly is a remarkable renovation and what a house!  You can see for yourself the amazing transition with the before and after photos.

As often happens, life plans change over the years and they have to move on but will be leaving a beautiful home for the new owners.

For a complete overview of the construction visit their Facebook page. Facebook Project 900

It is even more amazing as you walk through so give me a call for a personal tour.  Check out the before and after photos.

Before Remodeling (Click to Enlarge):

After Remodeling: