Finding the Well

Hidden Well

When purchasing Bank owned properties obtaining historical information about a property can be challenging.  After receiving an accepted offer on a beautiful river front property on the Alsea River, the biggest mystery was where is the well?  Since the previous owner was nowhere to be found no one knew where the well was.

The two buyers and myself walked in a strategic pattern across the 2 acres and couldn’t figure out where it could be.  Often times there is a little well house or a pipe sticking out of the ground, but not on this property.  It is important before buying a house to know where the water source is so the mystery continued for another week and several trips to the property.

I tried contacting the local well pump company didn’t know where it was because they didn’t install or service it.  Since the property was close to Corvallis I thought perhaps that company would know, but they also didn’t have knowledge of it.  I even tried contacting neighbors thinking maybe they know where it might be.

Finally one Sunday and raining hard,  I put on my boots, rain coat and clam chowder hat and took a walking stick in search of the well.  I like to go Geocaching, so just considered finding the well like finding the hidden treasure in a Geocache only there were no clues other than, there is a well on the property somewhere.    I poked and prodded under every bush and tree from every angle and then heard a thud sound that seemed out of place.  After removing  years of overgrowth vines and fallen leaves I discovered a box and inside the box was the well pump!

Mystery solved and the sale proceeded after the well pump was replaced.

Hidden Well