Flooding Rivers

Flooded river front cabin

River front properties are always in very high demand.  As fishermen troll up and down the river while fishing, many dream about that cute little cabin or house on the river where they can just jump in the boat docked in front of the house.  River front buyers usually start their search in the spring and through the fall when the weather is nice and the river is calm.  Some ask about flooding and they know it floods and it’s in a flood zone but just how often and how high the water gets is the big question.

I recently had a house under contract and the buyer’s were very excited.  After checking with the listing broker, they were told, “the seller said it gets up to the level of the garage”.  Their home inspection was scheduled for a Monday and Sunday the rains came, the tide was high and sure enough the Siletz River was in flood stage.

Out of curiosity, they wanted to make sure the little fishing cabin was going to be OK so they decided to check it out.  Once they were there not only was the house starting to flood but also he had to wade through the water just to get there.


There’s nothing like a flood to bring out all the neighbors and after talking with them they learned that that type of flood was a common occurrence and that the water has gotten into the house several times. Needless to say, they terminated their agreement and put the dream of living on the river on hold.