Gardening On The Oregon Coast

Excavating the garden bed by removing blackberries.

After moving to the Oregon coast my goal was to create an edible landscape and have a year round vegetable garden.  Our house is located 3 blocks from the Pacific Ocean so that presented a challenge because of the wind and salt air.

I decided to become a Master Gardener™ so that I could shorten the learning curve in hope of eliminating some of the trial and errors of coastal gardening and save years of experimenting.  Attending the Lincoln County Master Gardener™ program did exactly that.

One of the first challenges our yard presented was what to do with the English Ivy and blackberries that were five feet tall and growing on our front bank.  When my two sons came to visit the whole family joined in hacking, cutting and attempting to pull out the ivy.  It was futile, and the roots were so deep the vines were impossible to remove.

After the “invasive weeds” class and soliciting many opinions, the conclusion was, the only way to remove them was with an excavator!  So, the next week, a backhoe came and ripped it out.  The roots were so deep; it would have taken us years to dig them out if we could even keep up with pulling the roots before new growth took over.  Using chemicals was not an option for me as there are not any products that can do the job on the invasive vines, without being toxic to the environment.

I now had a blank slate to work with and it was the middle of winter so there was time to plan what to do next.

The next step was to restore the soil since the top 6 inches was scrapped off we had to put 6 inches of good top soil back.   We put bark mulch on top to keep the good soil from blowing away before deciding what to plant.  I had some ideas in mind, designed a plan and then started planning.

Gardening on the Oregon coast is challenging but  it is refreshing for me to look up from the garden and see the white water views of the ocean.

More about my gardening and what I planted in future posts.