Green Spaces On The Oregon Coast

Astro Turf Grass

When driving or walking around the Oregon coast, you won’t see many sprawling lawns of green grass except when passing by a golf course.  Growing grass on the coast is difficult and requires a lot of water in the summer since it doesn’t rain much.  Lawns on the coast go dormant in the summer and come back to life in the fall and winter when it rains.  Native plants full of color and texture are the preferred choice for landscaping.

On one of our morning walks my husband and I met the homeowner of this property who explained to us that her husband had tried to grow grass for many years, unsuccessful.  She suggested the Astro Turf and at first he resisted.  Finally they decided to make the change and now they have their green space all year and they don’t have to cut it, water it, or pull weeds.  They both wish they had done it years ago.