Nye Beach an hour after high tide on January 11, 2021

While driving along the coast last week I noticed the waves were very large, loud and came crashing to the shore in quick succession.  When I returned home I checked the tide table and sure enough they were King Tides.  There are several occasions during the winter that are referred to as King Tides and these are some of the highest.

The Oregon King Tides Project is coordinated by the Oregon Coastal management program the Coast Watch Program and Shores Conservation Coalition.  They work to collect and maintain data on tide levels and the King Tides Project is an international grass roots effort to document areas flooded by the highest winter tides.

These groups are always looking for volunteers to provide a visual record of the tides and are asking people to photograph the high tide events.  After you take the photos, submit them with information about the photo to

For those who want to participate with this project, pick a spot along the coast to photograph, check the tide tables for high tide and high water levels and then take lots of photos.  The best photo includes some sort of recognizable landmark.  It is also helpful if the photos show the weather conditions.  You can then upload the pictures to Oregon King Tides and be sure to allow permission for “attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike so that they may be used in publications.

High tide dates change every year so check the Tide Tables,  but they are mostly in the winter and they are spectacular days to visit the coast and observe the crashing waves.

For additional information about the project visit the Oregon King Tide website.  There you will find additional information and instructions.  about how and what to take pictures of.  It’s also fun to see the photos from previous years high tides.

As you can see from the photo there were some people on the beach.  This is a very dangerous time to be on the beach because of the sneaker waves and power of the ocean to lift and throw logs.   Extreme caution should be used, and I’d prefer to stay on high stable ground.