LCMGA Plant Sale May 21, 2016

Lincoln County Plant Sale

In a previous post I had had noticed all the garden centers full of flowers and plants but it was too early to put them in the ground on the coast.  Now that it’s past Mother’s Day and the last frost date, it is time to start your gardens.

The Lincoln County Master Gardeners™ have their plant sale every May and it is the best place to buy plants.  You will find lots of vegetables and different varieties you would not find in garden centers.  They are all grown from seed, and they are not forced to grow or bloom in a hot house.  There are also native plants, which are really great for your landscaping because they need very little water in the summer and grow well unattended in the Oregon Coast climate. You will also find a large herb section with several varieties of each herb.  One of the favorite attractions of the plant sale is the Tomato section. Tomatoes are sold in one-gallon pots and the varieties are specifically selected because they grow well on the coast.  You will find determinant and indeterminate tomatoes and lots of varieties to choose from.  The Master Gardeners™ are available to answer any questions and there are large labels describing each variety.  In addition to the sale of plants, there is a garage sale section with tools, pots, magazines, gardening books, and a new addition this year are soil amendments.

The sale has grown so large it has moved to the Lincoln County Fair Grounds located at 633 NE 3rd St. in Newport.  The doors open May 21, 2016  at 9 am and close at 1 pm but most of the plants are gone by Noon.  Get there early, rain or shine to snatch your favorite plant.  I almost forgot to mention they are also the best prices!  The proceeds of the sale all go to help support the Master Gardener™ program in Lincoln County.

You can look for me in the herb section, and I hope to see you there!