Locked Out

Carroaded lock from salt air

I hate being locked out of houses I am trying to show and sell. Home owners and/or their listing agent walk up to the front door and open it using the key that goes in the lock box to make sure everything is working properly. Many would be surprised how difficult it is to gain access to their house because the owner often enters the house through the garage or a side door and are therefore unaware of the problem. It is really annoying when you have to wiggle the key up and down, side to side, while pushing or pulling the door knob trying to get the door to open.  Struggling to open a door for 30 seconds or more seems like an eternity especially if it’s raining or windy and cold in addition to being really embarrassing. Most of the time the prospective buyer tries to help and also fails. That’s when I get my tool kit for stubborn locks that I keep in my car. It consists of a small can of WD-40, a screwdriver, small hammer, flashlight, and pliers and it comes in handy and I eventually get the door to open. A small investment in a new lock, properly cut key, or lubrication will make showing your home a pleasure from the beginning.  On the Oregon Coast, lubrication is a must especially since many homes are vacation rentals, vacant for long periods of the year, or infrequently used by owners.

In addition to the key not operating property there are also homes that are vacation rentals that have different lock boxes and/or key-less entries to the house.  These codes can change and be reset by house keeping, but broker have to rely on the Vacation Rental company to provide the correct code.  I’ve been locked out of two houses this month because the wrong codes were provided.  Not being able to show the house takes your house off the market.

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