This is the new Candy Factory

As an Ambassador for  for the Chamber of Commerce, we met at the Newport Candy Factory located at 3211 Oregon Coast Hwy, South Beach, OR 97366.  The owner Rob Hofes greeted everyone and told us about his love for candy making.  Rob owns and operates 5 candy store business in the Newport area and most of the candy making is done at the factory.

It was interesting to learn that the salt water taffy is made on site at the Bay Front location where people can watch the entire process.  Even more interesting is there are 100 flavors to choose from.  A very popular and fairly new unique flavor is Jalapeño which has quite a bit of kick to it although I have not tried it.

At the Candy Shop Factory, there is a room where they make candy on the premises (day and night) with a wall of glass so you can watch the Chocolatier’s make candy.  In addition to making candy for the five stores, they also  ship  to any location.

When the owner was asked what candy was the most popular, it was hard to determine.  One of the new favorites is “salted” candies and they are also famous for their Sea Foam.

In addition to being a Candy Factory and store, it is also a gift shop where you will find cards, stuffed animals, Newport logos on everything, including T-Shirts featuring the eclipse of August 2017 and sand castle toys and buckets for children.

If your sweet tooth starts calling, stop by any of Newport Candy Store locations, but the Candy Factory is a location that should be on the list for all visitors to Newport.  3211 Oregon Coast Hwy, South Beach, OR 97366