OAR Convention October 2-3 2019

At the OAR convention October 2 -3 2019

On October 2nd & 3rd  I attended the OAR (Oregon Real Estate) convention.  It was the first time I attended and I’m really glad that I went.  The first keynote speaker Maura Neill presented great ideas for attendees with passion as she shared her knowledge.  She was such a good speaker I attended another class taught by her about “Customer Before Company”.  which was also inspirational and informative.  The Presidential Installation Dinner and HOME Foundation and Dessert Auction was enjoyable and the food was excellent!  The auction for the desserts was quite entertaining starting with a cake decorated in Oregon Ducks colors.  That cake sold for $1,000 and when the purchaser received the cake it was dumped it on the dance floor!  (Gasps and laughs!)

U of O Duck Cake

There was also an OSU Beavers cake and that cake was auctioned off for $500 and the same thing happened.  Everyone got a chuckle from it except the service workers who had to clean it up.  The rest of the desserts continued to be auctioned off  with $400 being the lowest priced dessert sold but our table was not a successful bidder on anything.  I was beginning to think, OK, we don’t really need dessert and then people from other tables that had excess desserts starting bringing plate after plate for us and we had more dessert than we could eat.  The U of O Ducks cake is shown below, prior to the smash and the Beavers OSU cake is upside down on the ground.


The following day started off with Breakfast, and the General meeting was about Strategies in Personal safety and Security.   The rest of the day were classes with a legal panel where questions were answered by 3 lawyers and the sessions with appraisers where we  learned  about the new trends appraisers are using.  There was also a session with the Oregon Real Estate Agency Panel, and we met different individuals that run the agency.  All of the classes earned CE Credits which was a bonus to the learning experience and counts toward our CE renewal educational requirements.

One of my favorite things at the convention were the  trade show vendors!  They had a trade show and had brochures about their services they offer realtors and it gave me an opportunity to find out more about their company.  Every vendor had a pen, and there were lots of other give aways as well.   As I was leaving to return home with my bag of goodies, I felt like a “trick-or-treater” with all my loot.

Oregon Association of Realtors, October 2019