Ocean Front Home – Newport Oregon

Living on the Oregon Coast

Views from 437 NW 19th, Newport, OR 97365

When City dwellers think about getting away from it all, the central Oregon Coast is a favorite place to go for those living in Portland, Eugene, Corvallis, Albany, and Salem. When the summer sun heats up, a trip to the coast is the perfect place to cool down because the temperatures remain moderate even during the summer months. In the winter city dwellers will often flock to the coast just to catch a good coastal storm.   The ocean views are much more dramatic and the sea more interesting in the winter.

There are many types of Ocean Front properties. Some will have spectacular views of the horizon, white water and sand; others add the element of crashing waves on rock formations and/or Light House Views.

While many visualize and dream of having their Ocean Front home and being able to walk out their back door to the ocean that often comes with a cost.  Not necessarily a monetary price but those houses usually have other concerns.  They generally are low bank and often in the tsunami zone, a geo hazard zone or have sand dunes that pile up in front and obscure the views.  The more extensive the view, the less likely you’ll be able to carve your own path to the beach, yet it is like the elusive butterfly and everyone wants it.

One of my favorite ocean front homes is located at 437 NW 19th in Newport Oregon.  It is a high bank so no walking to the beach out your back door but the views are stunning.   For more information about this beautiful home contact me.