Photography for Real Estate

Drone used to take photos

As I think back to when I first started selling real estate, new listings were published in a book that was delivered to offices by the Multiple Listing service and there were no photos.  As time progressed, photos started showing up but they were limited to the front of the house but only in black and white   After the introduction of digital photos the real estate photography exploded.  Multiple Listing websites used to be limited to the number of photos that could be displayed but now it is virtually unlimited!  I have found that most people grow tired after seeing 18 – 21 photos, unless the house is extraordinary.

Having great photography is extremely important when marketing property because it is the first step to introducing and enticing someone to want see the house.  Listings of homes with photos that are poor quality or limited in number are often passed over by the consumer.

Photos have always been an important part of my marketing plan and  I now have have a new component added to the mix, drone photography!

A couple years ago I had a listing that was hard to see the house because of the slope so I took a ladder to the house to take the photo.  Two years later those photos are shot with the use of a drone.

Sonja on a ladder taking photos
Sonja on a ladder taking photos

Using a drone provides a much better option for showing the overall setting of the home.