Ready, Set, Start Your Gardens!

Glass Cloche protects cucumber plant

Ready, set, start your gardens!  No, Wait!   Just because the stores and garden centers start setting out garden plants, flowers and vegetables you shouldn’t  start planting most things.  Planting vegetables and even most flowers in April is premature.  The ground it too cold, the rains are still heavy so it’s best to wait for the proper climate conditions.

Having taken the Master Gardener™ program, the recommendation is to wait until after the last frost which is May 10th.  It seems that every year people start planting in April or early May and then a cold snap comes and they end up having to buy more plants and replacing the ones that die.  I love to get an early start on my gardening because some of my favorite things to grow take so long to grow and I want to get a jump start.  I grow my plants from seeds beginning  in March and April and then transplant them to raised bed gardens in May.  If you have a greenhouse it’s not a problem and you can grow a lot of things year round.  To simulate a little greenhouse, I covered my cucumber plant with a glass bell which keeps  it warm and insulated during the day, protected it from the wind and rain, and when it is warm enough I’ll remove the glass bell it and let it climb with additional  support.