Realtor Safety

It was a normal Saturday afternoon  and I was meeting my clients at 1 pm to walkthrough a house to inspect some repairs that were made prior to them closing.  I arrived early and thought I’d open the house for them before they arrived.  As I walked up to the door of the unoccupied house and opened the screen door looking for the lock box I found the front door was wide open.  There were no cars in the driveway, no showings were expected because the house was pending and I felt the hair on my neck bristle.  I yelled, Hello, Hello? but there was no answer.  Then feeling a little creepy, I returned to my car, got in and locked the door with my phone in my hand.  The last thing I wanted to encounter was an unwelcome occupant.

When my  buyer’s arrived and I explained the situation and the three of us entered the house and checked all the rooms, and closets.  No unwanted visitors were found. 

I contacted the listing broker immediately and informed her of the situation.  Because she used a Sentri Lockbox she was able to check the log electronically for records to determine who logged in and left the door open.  Fortunately the door had not been left open  very long.   A contractor doing some work not he house  left it open and unlocked, but it was still unnerving. 

I recently attended a Realtor Safety course at the Oregon Convention Center and when I saw the open door I started recalling the points discussed in the class.  The biggest take away from that session is always follow your hunches, intuition, gut feeling and respond immediately.  Although it ended up there was no immediate danger, all the warning signs were there screaming, CAUTION!