Realtor’s Tools of the Trade

Sentri Lock Lock Boxes

While showing houses I often find the need to have a well stocked tool box.  I had an appointment to show a house and was given a lock box code for an old style contractors combination lock box.  I punched in the numbers but the lock box didn’t open.  After a few shakes and taps thinking the key might be jammed it still would not open.

That’s where my Realtors tool box came in handy.  I went back to my car and got the WD-40, pliers, and a screwdriver.  A few squirts, raps on the box with the handle of the pliers I re-entered the number and pressed hard on the open button with the screwdriver and the keys were freed and the box opened.   Once opened, I lubricated the box, wiped it off with paper towels and I was able to show the house to my client.

Tools needed to open contractors lock box

I use a Sentri-Lock lockbox on all of my listings.  The Sentri Lockboxes are provided to members of the Lincoln County Boar of Realtors.  Registered members  purchased a key card that has a chip embedded that identifies the broker or user (could be an appraiser) that enters the property.  I can also use an app on my phone if I’m in a good cell area.  It is a much better method  than remembering or finding the text or email with the contractors combo code.  It’s much more efficient, secure and has some safety measures built in but since not all brokers use them, I am prepared with the tools of my trade.