Rogue Ales Memorial Brewers Festival 2016

Brewers Festival

When most people think of life on the coast they visualize crabbing, clamming, walking on the beach, hiking or fishing in the bay or river.  There’s a lot more to do when you live on the coast and yearly events are something I always look forward to.

May is the month Rogue Ales Brewery holds the “Brewer’s Memorial Ale Fest”.  This year, 2016, the  event  is Friday, May 20  4pm – 10 pm and Saturday, May 21, 12pm – 10 pm, inside the Rogue Ales Brewery.  (located just south of the Newport Bridge.)  I love this event because it is one of the most dog-friendly things to do with your 4-legged friend where dogs and people can socialize.   Humans can taste a variety of micro-brews and dogs can find a variety of biscuits from the various vendors.  The event was started as a tribute to the founder of Rogue Ales beloved black lab named, Brewer.  It is a charitable event with a nominal admission fee and the proceeds are donated to a variety of causes.

There are 30 or more Micro-brews, live music, and fun events for your dogs. The first time my husband and I  attended I participated in the Doggy Musical Chairs, with our dog Chewy.  That event is where dogs walk in a circle while the music is playing and then sit when the music stops. The last one to sit or not sit is eliminated.  As the circle got smaller  Chewy and I were still contenders until the final two dogs started the last round of music.  Although Chewy sat right away a Corgi whose hind legs only had 4 inches before hitting the ground for a sit instead of Chewy’s 10 inches, left us defeated.  Taking second place was nothing to sneeze at after more than 40 dogs had been eliminated,  and we were very proud him.   There is also a wag-the-tail contest and the little dogs usually win that one.  Our Golden Retriever’s tail has a graceful swish rather than and rapid wag.  One of the most interesting events is the “doggy look alike contest” and you would be surprised to see how close many people look like their dog.


Chewy Lovas
Chewy Lovas

Rain or shine, the Rogue Ales Brewery is the place to hang out with your dog! See you there.