Sentri Lock Boxes

Electronic lock box by Sentri Lock

Realtors in Lincoln County use Sentri Lock Boxes to put keys in for access to properties for sale.  The lock boxes are electronic and require a card with a chip in them in order for a broker to be able to open the box to get the key.  For the most part it is a great system.  As technology changes updates are made to the boxes as well, so in addition to the card there is now an app for cell phones.   Brokers can assign a one-day codes for contractors or appraisers to access the box.  All those features are great and provide a very good level of security because a log of who has entered the house and the time is recorded.

There was a situation in our office where a broker went to show a vacant house she had listed and the back door was left wide open!  She was able to check the Sentri Lock website and found broker that last showed the property and notify them they didn’t close the door.  Fortunately it had not been unlocked and open very long.

Those are all really good features.  One of the down sides to the lock boxes are they operate on a battery system to open and sometimes the battery dies.  When the battery dies, the house is not accessible.  There is a backup system, that require special equipment and tools, which you can obtain from the Lincoln County Board of Realtors but it won’t get you in the house right away.

To avoid missing a showing, I request two keys from owners or have one made that I keep in the office, just in case the lock box malfunctions or the battery dies.