Septic Tank Repair

This is the new septic tank

Septic Tank Repair

In the State of Oregon, you cannot sell a house without a functioning septic. If it’s not then it has to be repaired or replaced and disclosed. When a septic tank fails, it falls under the category of “repair” with Lincoln County and if it the drain  fields fail it is considered a “major repair”.  The type of septic tank will often determine the life of the tank and system.  When the fields fail, it is often due to debris getting in the lines and clogging the system.

The first step to repair the system is contacting a septic repair and installation company.   They go out and evaluate the location of the tank, the difficulty in removing it and the replacement of the tank.  Next, a permit is required and the Lincoln County Sanitation department gets involved and issues a permit.  Once that is complete, the excavation company goes to work.

From there an excavator locates the old tank, has it pumped and then pulls it out.  A new hole is dug for the new tanks which are now made of concrete, and the system is hooked back up to the inlet lines coming from the house and D box (Distribution) out to the drain fields.  The most recent tank that needed to be replaced was made of steel and was full of holes which is why it had to be replaced.  The tank is concrete.

Here is a video of it being pulled out of the ground.

When purchasing a home the septic inspection is one inspection that should never be overlooked!  The cost will vary depending on the type and size of tank and they are never cheap.

Here are some photos of the tank removal and the new septic installation. The repair was completed by K & W Sweitz Trucking and Backhoe, they  have installed several replacement tanks and septic systems for my clients and are terrific to work with!  If you ever need a septic system installed, a repair and replacement of tank or septic fields or excavation work, call them.

New Concrete Tank

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