Shredding Documents

Locked & secured documents for shredding

Ever wonder what to do with boxes of private documents like income tax statements, bank statements, and medical records? Your options are; standing over a shredder and feeding them in one at a time until it overheats, or waiting for the right time of year to make a burn pile. I had that dilemma when my clients sold their house and didn’t get back to clear out their old records and documents  so I contacted Thompson’s Sanitary Service and they had the perfect solution.

They deliver to your residence or business a 35-gallon garbage can with a padlock unlocked. You fill it with your papers and lock it and call for them to pick it up. You can keep it for a long time if you want to add things to it in small amounts until it fills up, but I dumped 3 large boxes and called for a pick up. The charge at the time was under $36.00 and is well worth it. I was wondering how they could keep it secure after picking it up and they explained the two people who put the documents in the shredder couldn’t read and they have never had a problem. I thought that was a unique job requirement for employment, but it works!

If you have documents to shred in Newport, give Thompsons Sanitary Service a call.