Smoke and Fire

Fire is burning in the fireplace

Realtors don’t just drive people around and show houses, or put a house on the Multiple Listing Service for sale and stick a sign in the yard  There’s a lot more involved in my job description and I find myself doing all sorts things that no one but my buyers or sellers know.

I had a pending offer on a totally renovated gorgeous 1920 Ocean Front home with a beautiful stone fireplace.  The buyer’s were from Colorado and loved to cozy up on cold nights in front of the fire and so the fireplace was a very important feature.  This buyers wanted to make sure the fireplace was functional because when viewing of the house there were candles in the fireplace which is a clue  the fireplace might not be suitable for a rip roaring fire.  

As part of the inspection process the buyer had specific Chimney inspection and the guy came out and looked from the roof down and the fireplace up and said, “yup, looks good to me”.  The home inspector however, had a different opinion and thought the metal liner should have been extended up to the top.  Now the dilemma was,  does it work or not.  

The buyer’s were back in Colorado so I tried to locate the contractor who hired a sub-contractor that restored the fireplace but to no avail.  As a condition of the sale  the buyer wanted the sellers to demonstrate the fireplace was operational even though it was the end of summer.

I suggested to the listing broker that the sellers hire the owner of the local wood stove company who is a licensed, bonded contractor, which they did.  The listing broker and I went with the owner of the fireplace store who took a pile of kindling, newspaper and matches and built a fire,  Below is the result.  YES!!! The fireplace works.  

There was no screen and in order to use the fireplace it would need to have a screen and it was strongly suggest that the hearth be extended to meet current code which the buyer’s planed to do after moving into the house.

The fire was lit, the smoke went up the chimney, and the buyer’s proceeded with the sale!