Sourdough Bread Friendship

Sourdough Baguettes

Sourdough Bread Fermented into a friendship.

This is not going to be a baking blog, but rather a story about how wonderful it is to sell a home to a client turns into a friendship.  That is what happened when I sold  a house to Cynthia and Vince.  They lived in Colorado and had looked for a houses on the Oregon coast for 3 years.  They would stay at the Pacific Shores Motor Coach RV park and check out the houses that were new on the market and over the course of 3 summers  we got to know each other and have a lot in common.   I always enjoyed our outings to see the different houses, catching up on what was new in their life and at the end of their stay I was sad to see them leave.

We stayed in touch through email, and I had set up searches for them, and was always happy to see them again only the next visit was in the spring of 2019 instead of summer.  Once again we went to see houses, some of which we had seen before that were still on the market but this time they found their forever home. 

Shortly after moving in Cynthia brought me some sourdough bread she made and offered to teach me how to make it.  I didn’t know anything about the process or what would be involve when I went to her house for my first lesson.   To my surprise it took most of the day Friday and I went back to her house Saturday morning and by late afternoon, we had baked 9 loaves of bread!  From there I continued to make it on my own and discover through trial and error and her coaching that there’s a lot involved making sourdough bread.  I love the process and am experimenting with different recipes and now produce a nice loaf of bread.    I also love taking bread clients, neighbors, and friends and co-workers loaves of sourdough bread.  

If you follow me on Facebook, you’ll notice a lot of posts with photos of my bread baking experience!

What started with  just “selling a house” turned into a wonderful new friendship, a new hobby, and food for others