Thank You – Zillow Review

5 Star Broker Review

Real estate is the kind of job that doesn’t guarantee your work will be rewarded with monetary compensation.   I was working with a very nice couple to find them a home in Newport for several months.  They had specific needs and things they wanted in a home, the location, and views.  After several months of not finding what they were looking for in Newport Oregon, I received a sad email from them that they found a home in another location. (Southern Oregon Coast)

She attempted numerous times to write a review about me on Zillow to no avail.   That’s because Zillow only want people who actually buy or sell something with the broker to write reviews.   I don’t agree with that philosophy because there are a lot of people I work for who look for homes to purchase but may never end up buying one. Just because they didn’t find a home to buy doesn’t mean that I didn’t provide the knowledge, skill, resources and information about the area.

Here are the categories a broker can receive stars for with 5 being the highest!



Along with that email informing me they found a home out of my market area, she sent me the review she had tried to send Zillow.   This is her review of me and to her I say, Thank you.  I  enjoyed meeting them and would have liked to get to know them better so wish they could have found a place in Newport.

Okay, let’s hope it works.  I just tried it again on a different computer, and once again I didn’t see any indication that the review had been submitted.  Please let me know if you ever see it on Zillow.  I rated you 5 stars on everything, and here is my written comment.
Sonja was very patient about showing us many homes and giving us plenty of time to look at each house, even for repeat visits.  She provided us with a lot of important information about each house, including information about flood and earthquake risk.  She has gone way beyond the call of duty to help us find a home.  She is very personable, and also very professional about her work.  We recommend her very highly.”