The Life of a Seller

Ready, get set, CLEAN!

When seller’s place their home on the market, it becomes a product for sale and you live in a fish bowl for all to see.  Most sellers spend time, money and effort to get their house organized, clean, clutter free and then wait for the phone to ring requesting an appointment to show.

When the phone call does come, they scurry around, tidy up the house, wash the floors, vacuum, make sure everything is dusted, turn on the lights, and leave and they have high hopes that this might be the perfect buyer.   That’s the life of a seller.

When the seller returns, they look for a card which indicates the broker has shown the house.

If there is no business card, they will call the listing broker to see if they know if the house was shown.  I have had some brokers say that when they got to the house the buyer decided they didn’t want to go in.  That is the rudest and unprofessional thing to do for the Realtor and the buyer.  When you schedule an appointment, you need to keep it.  It may not be your favorite house, but as a courtesy, you should see it.  There’s an old saying, “you can’t judge a book by it’s cover,” and that applies to houses too.

If you are my buyer and I’ve scheduled an appointment, the seller has prepared the house for showing, it will be seen, even if only by me.  I can understand  not going inside if it is a vacant house, but not with an owner occupied property.