Toujours Clothing Boutique Closed

Store Front is Empty

Toujours clothing boutique closed September 30th, 2017. The owner felt it was time to retire after 24 years in the clothing business. It is rumored that building was sold to a new entrepreneur who will have a different type of clothing line to appeal to the “Beachy” lifestyle.

I for one will miss Toujours, the staff that worked there and the stylish clothing, handbags, and  jewelry they offered. I loved our morning walks in Nye Beach and would always check the windows to see what was new and often did my shopping with things I saw in the window. A quick phone call when the store opened and they would put something on hold something I saw until I could get there to purchase it.

The windows were always decorated beautifully and it wasn’t until they were empty I realized how much effort went into the presentation of the different seasons and styles.

Empty Store

Good Bye Toujours, you, the pretty windows and everyone who worked there.

Bright and lively store front