Tsunami Awareness

Tsunami Gather Area

Since the 2011 Tsunami in Japan there have been frequent national news reports about earth quakes and the possibility of “The Big One”. It has created more awareness of the possibility of a Tsunami hitting the Oregon, Washington and California coasts. Several times a year meetings are held to discuss evacuation routes and preparation; practice drills, and education about how to access websites that show where the danger areas are and the safe zones. They are easily accessible here.

When showing property in Newport Oregon, more often than not, I am often asked if houses are  in the Tsunami zone and that depends on  the elevation of a particular property. In Newport a quick and easy way to tell without going on line to look up the websites is to look on the street signs to see if you see a blue band on the pole. If you see this band you are considered to be out of the tsunami zone and are above 70 feet. For more information, you can also check the Oregon Geology hazard website.

Blue is tsunami safe zone
Blue is tsunami safe zone
Tsunami height indication - Almost safe
Tsunami height indication – Almost safe

The final step I take for my buyer’s is to visit City Hall where they have even more extensive maps of hazard area, slides and flood zones.