Whimsical Wall in Newport

This was the last character painted on the wall.

While driving home one day I noticed that a retaining wall was painted white.  My initial thought was, oh dear, someone must have painted some graffiti and they were painting the wall to cover it up.   The next time I drove by someone had painted tree trunks going down to the base of the wall and I really like that.  It grounded the trees and carried their trunks to the base.  When I drove by again there was a ground under the trees.   The next day I saw an owl that blended in with the trees.  It reminded me of the children book, Where’s Waldo?

Pretty soon there were more birds and creatures and then there was a blue line that ran through all the painting and I thought something happened.  I met the artists that were painting it and asked if someone had mischievously done something to their wall and they said they drew it and we’d just have to wait until it was finished.

After waiting patiently for the completion it all makes sense and it is fun and whimsical!  The City of Newport has a lot of murals painted on the sides of building and other retaining walls but this one is my favorite!

The artist is Julie Lamberson and she has painted several other murals around the City.  Whimsy abounds in her work.  

See the slide show for the stages of the wall.

Slideshow of the Wall


Wall Video